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Your Home – Christmas Celebration Ideas

It’s Christmas Time Again!

Christmas Eve is obviously the day before Christmas, but how you celebrate it depends on a variety of things. Many people are traveling to where their family lives; some are already with friends and family, and have dinner or go look at Christmas lights; many people go out to sing carols; and those in the hospitality, retail, or restaurant business, are typically working.

When it comes to how to celebrate Christmas Eve, that is entirely up to you, but you can always do something different this year. For instance, instead of simply doing the same thing year after year, why not change things up and make it more exciting? If you normally have a nice dinner and simply watch some television with the family, why not go out this year and see all of the Christmas lights? There are so many ways you can be creative on Christmas Eve. Here are a few ideas you might enjoy:

Trim the Tree. If you wait until Christmas Eve to put up your tree, then have a family tree trimming time, where everyone gets to make it a little party. Put on some holiday music and even add a gift giving moment where everyone gets their own ornament each year.

Choose a Holiday Movie. One way some people enjoy the day before the holiday is by watching a certain Christmas or holiday themed movie each year. You can choose your favorite or find a new one. Not only does it put you in the mood to enjoy the next day, but it’s a calming way to enjoy being around the family.

Volunteer. Sure, we’re all busy the day before Christmas, but if you do have the time, volunteer at a local agency to help out – they are busy too and can use the help. If you can afford to do so, pick up a gift for an agency you like, such as a dog toy for the Humane Society, or something someone can use at the homeless shelter. It’ll make you feel good and it will be appreciated as well.

Encourage Your Children to Donate to the Less Fortunate. If you have children, you’re probably up to your neck in your Christmas gifts shopping lists. While you don’t have to deprive your kids of their Christmas gifts, why not help them become aware of the world outside and how they can help others?

One thing you can do is to encourage them to give away their toys and clothes to children who are in need. Ask them to pick out items that they don’t really use but are in good condition, and help them wrap the gifts. You can choose to turn in the gifts to a charity or you can hand out the gifts yourself. This will be an enlightening learning experience for your children.

Plan a Christmas Eve Party. One thing that will be fun is to plan a Christmas Eve party. It can include your family, friends, neighbors, or all of them. You can make it a themed party such as the infamous “Ugly Sweater Party,” or just have a get-together where you have a few finger foods and beverages. One thing to keep in mind is that many people may be too busy to come to a party the day before the holiday, so invite everyone early enough that you have a better chance of a good turnout. There are many party ideas you can have, and they’re only limited to your imagination. Have a caroling party, a tree trimming party, a holiday themed movie night, or even a game night with Christmas themes.

No matter how you end up celebrating your Christmas Eve, the important thing is to be happy. If you’re fortunate enough to surround yourself with friends and family, all the better. However, even if you’re alone on Christmas Eve, you can still help others or do something with other people that will make the day important and cherished.

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