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Valentine’s Day Help Is On The Way!!!

Its coming up soon, fellas! This Valentine’s Day, folks around the world will be celebrating the day known for its good and bad reputation for some people. Its romantic Christmas. Its love’s Thanksgiving. Its a big one, with lots of room for error and failure. However, we will be focusing on all you lovebird couples and winning the Valentine’s game! Compacted in this short list will be activities you may or may not have tried yet. 

But before we begin, I would like to also point out, that if you’re single, these ideas can be implemented in a self-date as well. No shame in a self date. I had one yesterday as a matter of fact. And I’m married!

Chef-Made Dinner at Home:
Make the day all about you and your SO. Instead of going out for an overpriced meal in a busy restaurant, hire a personal chef to cook up your favorite dishes.

Have Dinner…in Bed:
Staying in bed all day eating your favorite foods sounds like a good time any day of the year. On Valentine’s Day, it doesn’t just have to be breakfast – treat your honey to their favorite meal in bed. Don’t get crumbs everywhere! Looking for a bigger bedroom…?

Take a Dance Class:
There’s nothing sexier than taking a dance class with your special someone. Unless that person really can’t dance. Then it might possible be more funny, than sexy. Book a dance session (think tango, salsa and the cha-cha) with a local dance studio and then practice your moves at home. There are a ton of talented, starving artist dance teachers out there to help.

Make an Indoor Garden:
Flowers are so overrated (and often expensive) during the month of love. If you’re looking for a way to spend the afternoon together, try planting a few seeds or flowers to create your very own garden indoors. Or outdoors, if you live in an area blessed with sun and warmth. I live in Seattle though, because I actually love the rain and the cold, so indoors will work just fine.

Booze Tasting:
If alcohol is your thing, but you don’t want spend the day testing your “palate”, why not look up whiskey or beer tastings in your area? Brewery’s and Distilleries are everywhere now-a-days, and often have tours and tastings you can take, and as someone who has few drinks in a year, the tour I took was a BLAST.

Bake Together:
Grab those oven mitts and baking pans, and spend Valentine’s Day baking a cake or your favorite batch of cookies. Bonus: Dessert!

Take a Cooking Class:
Challenge yourself – with food. On Valentine’s Day, take a couple of hours and hook up with a cooking school in your neighborhood. Try a dish both of you love or something new altogether.

Okay, hear us out on this one: Yes, cleaning up and doing chores isn’t the most ‘fun’ or ‘sexy’ way to spend your weekend, but decluttering any room in your house can help both of you relax. Its also a great way to share memories of the life you’ve built together, or are building on.

And remember, as cliché as it might be, Valentine’s day is a good day to remember that if you like, you should put a ring on it. I’m just sayin’. Its also Steve Gilbert’s wedding anniversary, so if you happen to talk to him, be sure to congratulate him on 30 strong years married to his SO.


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